Membership Plans for 2017


High School Memberships

Winters Run Golf Club offers a unique membership for high school players (ages 14 thru 18) that gives the players very generous playing privileges for a small annual fee.  See our 2017 Rate Sheet 7-1-17  .  Winters Run Golf Club is proud to sponsor two local high school golf teams.

High School Parent Add On Memberships

This program allows a parent of an existing high school member to join at a reduced rate the first year, and then incremental yearly increases after one year of membership. See our 2017 Rate Sheet 7-1-17

Single and Family Memberships

To see our regular single and family membership rates for 2017, click here:  2017 Rate Sheet 7-1-17

Non-Resident Memberships

For those having residence in another state for at least 6 months, this plan gives you the flexibiliy to enjoy golfing here in the summer and in a warmer climate in the winter. See our 2017 Rate Sheet 7-1-17